Pay attention to these things so that your online loan application is always approved

  • February 2, 2020

Good Finance companies that provide online lending facilities have many benefits to the public. The diverse needs of the public can be met because Good Finance online loans are easy to obtain.

To pay for your child’s school, pay for vehicle service costs, pay for renovations, additional expenses, and more. Such an urgent need can be met by online loan funds.

Like Good Credit, which has issued USD 1 Trillion in loans over the last 2018 years. Good Finance which provides online lending services is well-liked by all walks of life.

Although simple, as the model is still relatively new, people often find it difficult to lend themselves to the loan process. What is often complained of is the online loan application that is still being rejected by the system despite following the recommended steps.

If you find any similar issues, consider these 5 things to keep your online loan application approved!

Apply Easy Loans, Without Installing Applications

Apply Easy Loans, Without Installing Applications

Document completeness

Good Finance online loans with smartphone application platforms require document requirements that you must complete.

For example, Good Credit requires only a photo of your national ID. There are also other Good Finances that require other personal documents such as NPWP, Pay Slip, Family Card, ECPB and more.

The Good Finance application requires only a photo of the document for its online loan application process.

The terms of this document are only required at the beginning when you create your account in the Good Finance application. For the next online loan application process, you will not need to upload the document again.

Well, the photos of your uploaded document must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible:

  • The photo is not blurry or dark
  • No part of the document is covered / obscured in the photo
  • The document you are taking must be yours

Quietly, Good Credit is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your data. You don’t need to worry about your personal data being disseminated.

The number is active and reachable

The number is active and reachable

As with most online lending applications, Good Credit also needs to provide a mobile phone number that is still active and reachable.

This phone number is required for many things, such as:

  • Send SMS for notifications and promotions
  • Call Customer Service to alert billing charges
  • Call Customer Service for billing

In addition to your personal phone number, you also need to provide an emergency phone number that you can call when your number is off.

Smartphones support consumer recognition features

Good Credit is a Good Finance that uses state-of-the-art technology compared to its class applications.

To apply as a lender in the Good Credit app, you will need to go through the consumer recognition process. This process requires the application to capture your face image to ensure that the face matches your uploaded identity. In addition, this process ensures that you are a true borrower.

Therefore, your mobile device needs to support this consumer identification feature.

Fortunately, the majority of smartphones sold in the market already support Good Finance-based consumer recognition features.

Connect to social media

For a higher percentage of online loan approval, you can connect social media to your Good Finance account.

Good Credit currently supports connections to your personal Facebook account to increase your online loan approval rate.

The social media accounts you connect to serve as complements to previously uploaded personal data.

Build a good credit history

For older or previously borrowed users, building a good credit history is a must

The goal is to make the next loan easy to accept.

How to build a good credit history as follows:

  • Borrowing according to your needs & ability to repay
  • It’s timely to pay the bills
  • Loan transactions often

A good credit history not only simplifies the process of applying for an online loan, but also opens up a larger loan limit that you can enjoy.

The steps are really easy, right?

This article was written by Good Credit, a Good Finance company that facilitates online lending for all Indonesians. Follow the Good Credit blog for more helpful financial management tips. Want to get to know Good Credit more closely?


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